American history site

Well, I finally threw in the towel. Although my American History site is one of the larger ones out there, certainly by a single individual, the otherwise pretty amazing Google has done an inexplicably poor job of picking up on it. Soooo … maybe this will give the site a bit better visibility: I’ll be announcing new items here as I churn them out. Of the twenty books onsite, the most recent, as of December 31st, is Ellis and Morris’s King Philip’s War.


4 Responses to American history site

  1. rambambashi says:

    Hi Bill
    Good luck with your blog! / Jona

  2. JPvdGiessen says:

    Hi Bill,

    I hope this blog is of the same quality as your website, goodluck with it.

  3. Bill Thayer says:

    Thank you Jan Pieter, but It won’t be! I’m not a believer in blogs — and apparently they’re not a believer in me, since this thing isn’t getting catalogued properly! — I just thought this might repair the problem that Google has in returning the site among its “American history” results. It looks like it won’t, and I’ll probably delete it soon, and focus on productivity.

  4. shirhashirim says:

    Ok, I was here too on rambambashi’s request…

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