Death at Norridgewock

4 December 2009

An addition to my subsite on American Catholic history, an excellent piece of detective work, stripping away the 18c French government propaganda from a hagiographic tale of the death of Father Sebastian Rasles (or Rale), missionary to the Abnaki Indians of Maine: The Attack on Norridgewock, 1724, by Fannie Eckstorm (New England Quarterly, 1934). The author has been pilloried by some as anti-Catholic for this article, but it shows nothing of the sort; if anything, she has reconstructed a piece of real life and shown us a real man, who may still well be a saint.

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American history site

7 January 2009

Well, I finally threw in the towel. Although my American History site is one of the larger ones out there, certainly by a single individual, the otherwise pretty amazing Google has done an inexplicably poor job of picking up on it. Soooo … maybe this will give the site a bit better visibility: I’ll be announcing new items here as I churn them out. Of the twenty books onsite, the most recent, as of December 31st, is Ellis and Morris’s King Philip’s War.